Local officials are elected during Municipal Elections held in odd numbered years.
To qualify to run, you must be a registered voter in the county, township / borough and have lived there for one year.
Step 1: Let us know you're interested. Click here to drop us a line. 
Step 2: Collect signatures using the NOMINATION PETITION to put your name on the ballot no earlier than Tues Feb 14.
* County-wide offices and Magisterial District Judges require 100 signatures.  Township / Borough offices and School Board require 10 signatures.
* Follow strict rules for collecting signatures.  Your opponent may challenge each signature in court.
Step 3: File NOMINATION PAPERS with the Elections Office no later than Tues Mar 7 4:30 pm. 
        * Along with Petitions, file a Statement of Financial Interest. (Excluding Political Committees, Judges, and Inspectors of Election.)
Step 4: Get as many supporters to vote for you at the Municipal Primary on Tues May 16.  If you get more votes than your opponent(s) your name will be on the Nov 7 Municipal Election.
Step 5: Get as many supporters to vote for you at the Municipal Election on Tues Nov 7.
Will I be paid for this?
  • SUPERVISORS: Unless a supervisor is also treasurer, secretary, or road master the salary is $1,800 per year for a township of the 2nd class. 
  • SCHOOL DIRECTORS do not get paid at all
  • TOWNSHIP AUDITORS are compensated only for the hours they work which are minimal.
  • TAX COLLECTORS are paid by whatever millage the supervisor, county and school districts set per parcel which differs by township.
  • CONSTABLES are paid by the courts if they serve papers and warrants, and by the county when they work the election, $145.00 for the day.

Of course candidates should check with their township and boro offices directly for exact compensation.