How Pat Toomey Honors Veterans

In the wake of the "Commander-in-chief Forum" that took place earlier this week, a lot of discussion has centered around how we treat our veterans. Pat Toomey, a member of the Congressional Veterans Job Caucus, has what this reader considers and odd manner of supporting veterans. Namely, voting against bills to fund the VA and various other programs intended to help vets get on their feet.

  • He voted against 12 Veterans Affairs budgets.
  • His answer to the recent VA scandal was to send the low-level workers to jail without any consequences for upper management, instead of providing additional funding and manpower to do the job right .
  • He voted to block the Veterans Job Act.
  • He voted against bankruptcy protection for National Guard and Reserve members sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • He voted against a program that gives child-care assistance to veterans.
  • He voted to defund the Veterans Business Outreach Centers at the Small Business Administration.
  • He voted against a bill to provide prosthetic devices for wounded warriors.
  • He voted against S. 1982 that would have partially repealed the “sequester” limitations on VA funding which would have provided comprehensive new provisions for assisting veterans who were victims of military sexual trauma, provided $21 billion for expanding veterans’ eligibility for dental and medical care, educational assistance and caretaker stipends for all vets. Would have expanded treatment for traumatic brain injuries. Would have restored cost-of-living adjustments for future military retirees, a provision that was cut by the “sequester” and the VA would have had funds to open 27 new health facilities.

So, the next time you get an email from the Senator full of pictures of him taken at some American Legion post where he's  "honoring" our vets, call his office and call him out on his votes.