Night School Is Back!

I just got an email from Jim Dean of Democracy for America (DFA) with very exciting news. DFA is bringing back Night School! If you've ever wondered where you can get the skills to mount an issue campaign, run for office, or just be a better campaign volunteer, here's your chance. DFA Night Schools have taught tens of thousands of Democratic activists how to organize an effective campaign in the comfort of their own homes.

Sign up for one or all of the trainings on the following subjects:

Wednesday, August 17: Reflective Democracy and Organizer Math:  Build Your Voter Targeting Plan
In this session we'll dig in to the nitty gritty components of refining and adjusting your pathway to victory.-- from win numbers, to persuadable and base universes of voters, to the tips and tools for electorate-expansion.

Wednesday, August 24: Creating the Narrative: Authentic, Values-Driven, Compelling Storytelling on the Campaign Trail
Elections are about voters making an important choice -- and as human beings, underneath many choices, there is a strong, compelling narrative. In this session, we'll practice crafting and honing your campaign narrative through powerful storytelling -- and we'll look at examples of how these narratives show up in earned and paid media. 

Wednesday, August 31: Fundraising Builds the Movement: Launching a Powerhouse Finance Team
Winning campaigns require money and resources -- this session is an overview on building a strong finance program through call time, small dollar donors, events, and more.

Wednesday, September 7: Internal Systems and Operations: Setting Up Your Team for Success
From staffing to HR to finance reporting to compliance, good campaigns need strong systems in order to keep the trains running on time. This briefing will cover key tips for setting up strong systems and operations early on so that the candidates and campaigners are all set up for success.

Click here to register. See you in class!