Tom Marino the Trumpite

Tom Marino, 10th District Rep, in his latest newsletter, is up to his old distortion self as he insists we paid ransom for our sailors detained by Iran. He knows that this is a spurious assertion. If anything, it was our insistence that the Iranians release the sailors promptly otherwise they would not get the money we agreed to pay them earlier in the year as part of the nuclear deal.  I suppose he is copying the Donald who thinks if you keep saying a lie enough times it will become accepted as truth.  When dictators do this we call it the “Big Lie” technique.  Keep it up, Tom. You will be in the dustbin of history shortly.  As to regulations, no one is in favor of unnecessary red tape, but, like the Donald, you are suggesting that we just let any business practice no matter how harmful continue just as long as the company keeps making a profit. Let any damages it causes be paid by the taxpayer. Those are the taxpayers that do not have access to high-paid folks who find loopholes in the tax code.